托福独立口语真题预测Task 1(共22题)

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摘要:What aspect does your school need to improve? Include reasons and details to support your response.

1. What aspect does your school need to improve? Include reasons and details to support your response.
  Personally, I would say my school should improve its facilities. To begin with, they should build a indoor swimming pool. Students are usually busy with various kinds of assignments like, presentations, papers, and even group project. Actually, swimming is a kind of aerobics that can help them to release their pressure from study, and they will feel refreshed and energetic after swimming. Plus, the university can hold extramural swimming competition, thus it can attract lots of students, and strengthen university's reputation accordingly. After that, the university will have a larger enrollment, and generate more revenue, the administration can use the money to make the university better.
  2. What type of music do you enjoy most? Include reasons and details to support your response.
  I would say I enjoy rap most, it is a very popular type of music, especially loved by young people. I think there are quite a few reasons why I love this type of music. Firstly, as a college student, I am overwhelmed by different kinds of assignment like presentations, problem sets, papers and sometime I have to stay up late to cram for exams, listening rap is a very good way for me to release pressure from study, and it actually helps to improve my study efficiency. presentation, problem sets, papers Secondly, By listening to rap, it makes it so easy for me to forget about the pitfalls I have in college life and envisage the bright future.
  3. Describe a character in a book, movie or TV program that deeply impressed you. Explain why you like this character. Include reasons and details to support your response.
  I would like to talk about the main character in movie Forest Gump. Actually, the movie stars Tom hanks. This movies won many Oscar awards and it is regarded as one of the greatest movies of all times. Forest Gump is a simple minded person, and he only got an IQ of 75, which is way below average. Despite of the setback, he is actually a very optimistic person, as can be show in the catchphrase, My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. The movie depicts a period span 30 years, and in these many years, Forest Gump achieved fame and financial success, of course, it is not possible for him to achieve that without his determination, willpower and perseverance.
  4. Describe an interesting clothing style in your country and explain why it is interesting.
  I would like to talk about Qipao, a typical and traditional costumes for Chinese women. Though women in China don't wear it often, however, they do wear Qipao on special occasions, like when attending parties, or even wedding ceremonies. It dates back to ancient China, and it became popular among the royal palaces of the Qing Dynasty. Usually it is made of silk, and very nicely embroidered, and it has very broad sleeves and edges, and Qipao can very vividly show a woman's body frame and elegance.
  5. Describe a special friend in your childhood and explain why the friend was important to you.
  Well, I would my special friend in my childhood is my grandpa. He is the one who taught me how to be a person with love from day one, and sets a very good example for me with his kindly heart, to care about others, be compassionate about the unlucky ones. Plus, though he had lots of setbacks in his life, he never complained about anything, and he just hunkered down and made an effort to make his life better, he once worked as a village teacher but he worked his way up to be a professor in a college. His passion and attitude for life are so contagious that I always look up to him.
  6. People face many difficulties in life. Which one of the following time periods is the most difficult for you? Childhood, teenage-hood or adulthood?
  Personally, I would say the toughest period during one's life is adulthood. Not like the childhood, we are pursuing our degrees in universities or already doing a job to make a living. In school, we are constantly under lots of pressure, the assignments like problem sets, presentations, research papers are killing us. After graduation, we have to fulfill all kinds of responsibilities as a professional. On the other hand, being a child or an adolescent is much easier, they just have fun and do not have to worry about anything.
  7. Talk about an activity you enjoyed doing with your family when you were a child, explain you answer in details.
  My most memorable experience when I was a kid is to take the vacation on the beach with the whole family. Since, my home town is not far from a coastal city in China. We went there, enjoyed bathing in the sun while appreciating the beautiful scenery alone the seashore, like the blossom and palm trees and stuff. We tried out the sea food like salmon, tuna and even some lobsters, it was from that time that I fell in love with seafood. Apart from that, the most exciting stuff I did when visiting this nice and beautiful city was sea and water activities like snorkeling, wakeboarding and even jet skiing with my dad. Even though I remembered that I got a little sun, it was well worth it.
  8. A friend of yours wants to take a gap year and have a job before he enters university. What do you think are the advantage and disadvantage of his decision?
  Well, there are lots of benefits one can get out of a job. Starting to work at an early age helps to make someone a responsible person, by working with co-workers, you can develop social skills and willingness to cooperate with others, which are fairly important for one's future career, and that might give you a better shot to land a sweet job after graduation in college. On the other hand, one cannot neglect the disadvantages, there a not a lot of jobs that are available to high school graduates, even though one might find a job, it is likely to be remedial job that don't pay you well.
  9. Now many people like to shop online. Please analyze the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.
  Well, shopping online is a very convenient and fun, with just a click of the button, the next moment you know, your order is delivered right at your door. It is also easy to compare the prices offered by different on-line stores however, there are lots of drags shopping online. However, there are some pitfalls, the most noteworthy one is that you cannot try the product in person, cuz you can only check the pictures or videos of a product without being able to try it out yourself, and after placing the order, you might find they are of low quality, thus you have to return it, and that will cost you lots of time. Besides that, online stores have a bad reputation for crappy stuff, like fake iphones, or they even sell refurbished iphones as new ones, and lots of people got ripped off buying these stuff.
  10. Your friend has suddenly received a lot of money. What do you think is the best way for your friend to spend this money?
  Personally, I would advice my friend to make some wise investment, to begin with, the inflation in my country is pretty serious, it doesn't make any sense to deposit the money in the bank. He should invest the money in buying some gold, real estate, cuz the real estate in my country maintains such a strong momentum, I bet he can make more money out of this. Additionally, he can also invest the money to assist lots of start-ups, and as the saying goes, don't put all of your eggs in one basket, he should invest in different industries to avoid risk.
  11. Which one you will learn: play a piano, swim, and repair a car.
  Personally, I would say I like to learn to play a piano. It is very relaxing to play the piano, actually, it can be a great way to release my destructive emotions, like anger, sorrow and even rage. At the same time, I can make friends with people who have the same interest, and talking to them can be great fun. Additionally, there are not a lot of people who can play instrument, if I can learn a piano, I will be very popular among my friends, thus I will stand out. Lastly, it takes lots of practice to be a master in a kind of instrument. In this process, I can develop willpower, perseverance, and persistence. These qualities will be valuable asset for me in the future.
  12. Describe a decision you made. How you made that decision?
  I am going to share with you my decision making process on whether to go to study in the US or not. I dwelled upon both the advantages and disadvantages to study for graduate program in the USA. for the advantages I will broaden my horizon, meet amazing people and learn very advanced professional knowledge. the disadvantage will be the cultural shock once I set foot on the land of America. But I will get over that for sure. After careful consideration of both advantages and disadvantages, I think the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. so I decide to study in the us.
  13. Describe your suggestion for your friend who wants to keep healthy.
  I would suggest my friend to eat healthy stuff like vegetables, like salad, tomatoes, and broccoli. Also, in order to have enough nutrient needed for the day, I would suggest my friend to have some sea food, like salmon, tuna, shrimp and stuff like that. They are high in protein, low in carbs. These food are actually easy to cook, you can just steam them, and eat the seafood with some limes or lemon. Another suggestion for my friends is that always avoiding fast food and junk food, like French fries, fried chickens, and hash brown, and stuff. With these two suggestion in mind, my friend can develop a very good eating habit.
  14. Imagine the situation where you can't use computer or have no access to internet for a month. How will your life be different? Use details and examples to explain.
  Well, personally, I would say it will not be difficult for me to do that. Cuz, honestly, I am not a fun of watching TV, since most of the time, I am pretty busy with my school assignment, like presentations, group projects and research papers, and stuff. Additionally, I am not someone who spends lots of time surfing the internet, and chatting with friends on social networks, on the contrary, I am an outdoor person. For example, I like climbing mountains, jogging in the park and doing all kinds of sports outdoors. Therefore, my life will be pretty much the same without internet.
  15. Please choose one of the following transportations that you consider to be most enjoyable.
  Bicycle, automobile, train
  Personally, I would prefer to choose to take the train. To begin with, generally, trains are powered by electricity and they are less likely to produce any pollution. However, too much private vehicles discharge lots of pollutants into the air and it is pretty expensive to own a private vehicle since one needs to spend lots of money on the insurance, registration of the license and the maintenance. Taking the train can be really appeasing, you can enjoy the beautiful view outside of the window. All you have to do is just to sit back and relax while appreciating the beautiful scenery.
  16. Which one of the following factor do you think is most important when it comes to traveling. Low cost, good weather, or various activities?
  Well, Personally, I would say the most important factor is the activities that I can do during the trip. If I go to beautiful places, I will definitely appreciate the natural beauty, and it will be a shame for me to miss out the chance. If I am going to travel in a coastal city, I like water activities, surfing, water skiing, you can never say that you have been traveling in a coastal city without trying out these aquatic activities. Additionally, it will be a great shame for me not to do some camping if I plan to climb a beautiful mountain.
  17. If you have a chance to learn something new, which of the following would you like to learn? Flying an airplane, playing a sport or playing an musical instrument.
  I would definitely choose to play a new sport. I find it very relaxing when I play sports, it helps me to release my tension and depression that I got from both my life and study. Apart from that, playing sports is a very good way to keep healthy and try to be in good shape. It helps you to build up some muscles and be athletic, it is also good for your cardio vascular system. Lastly, I get a chance to meet new friends and broaden my social network when playing a sport, getting to know different people is a very thrilling experience for me.
  18. Talk about a memorable experience you had in a restaurant or cafe. Explain what happened and why it was memorable. Give specific details in your response.
  I would say my most memorable experience in a restaurant is my 18th birthday party, my best friend Alex helped me to organize the party. I can still recall that it was a Mexican restaurant called Siesta, the food there was really great, like the taco, tortilla chips with some chili sauce and guacamole, and it was so fresh. Additionally, the places was decorated like a tropic jungle with lots of exotic plantations, I felt like I was in a tropic forest when I was dinning there. Most importantly of all, I felt like I am so lucky to have lots of friends celebrating my birthday, and I am so grateful to them, actually, that occasion in this restaurant brought me and my friends closer.
  19. Describe a person whom you would like to spend time with. Explain why you would like to spend time with this person.
  Well, I would like to spend time with my friend Iddie, I met him when I was on an exchange program to study in America. I would not say he is a smart or intelligent person, but the fortitude and willpower he has to achieve something he really aspires are so inspiring. He grew up in Ghana, a underdeveloped country in Africa. Though he had lots of setbacks in his life, he never complained about anything, and he just hunkered down and made an effort to make his life better. His passion and attitude for life are so contagious that I always look up to him.
  20. Choose one of the following natural environment and explain why you would like to live there most: mountain, forest, desert, prairie, seashore or somewhere else?
  Personally, I prefer to live by the seashore. To begin with, the scenery of a coastal city can be breathtaking, for instance, I can appreciate the beauty of mother nature, the sunrise and sunset can be really spectacular, and at the same time, I get a chance to see the tropical plants, like coconut tree, banana tree and even palm trees. Additionally, I have the opportunity to taste the local seafood, like salmon, shrimp, and even lobster. Lastly, I could try out some water activities, like, surfing, scuba diving, and tubing, which is pretty thrilling.
  21. Describe one way to solve air pollution.
  Personally, to solve air pollution problem we need to analyze the cause of such a problem, actually, vehicle emission and poisonous gas discharged by factories are major factors causing the air pollution. I would say one possible solution is that
  the government should put forward some policies to punish factories who discharge lots of waste into the air, for example, they can impose a heavy tax on these factories. Plus, they can subsidize the environment conscious companies that use renewable energies like natural gas, wind power and nuclear power.
  22. What kind of characteristics or components should a good school have?
  Well, personally, I think prestigious universities should have better facilities, science students depend on lab equipments to test theories in books, just learning theories without experiment in the lab is too boring and unproductive, so facilities, like research centers are very important. On top of that, professors are the key resource of a university, cuz they are the ones who can motivate the students and develop their skills and make them more creative, thus giving the students a better chance to be successful in the future.


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